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Library Policies and Guidelines

Library Hours

Monday – Friday, Except Holidays
8:00 AM – 12:00 NN
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

General Rules

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the DOH compound including the library premises.Food and beverages are not allowed inside the library. Library users must be in proper attire. Wearing of slippers, shorts,   sando are not allowed.
    Personal belongings should not be left unattended. Library is not responsible for itssafekeeping.
  2. Silence must be observed. Cellular phones must be in silent mode.
  3. Books, journals, magazines, etc. shall be placed on the book truck or at the  circulation counter after its use. These should not be put  back in the shelves so that these materials are not miss-shelved. Any person who shall deface, mutilate appropriate for himself/herself or steal any library materials or property shall be subject to administrative disciplinary action which shall be determined by the proper authorities of the Information Management Service of the Department of Health.
  4. Bags are inspected by the guard before leaving the library.

Access to and Use of Library

DOH Employees

All DOH Employees who wish to access library facilities and services must register in the library. Just show your DOH ID to the librarian and fill up the library user’s form and you will be given a library user’s account.

General Public

  1. General public are welcome in the library. However, they have room use privilege only. They are not allowed to take library materials outside the library except for photocopying and should be returned immediately after.
  2. Students must present their school ID and referral letter from their librarian upon entering the library.
  3. Graduates and professionals must present a valid ID such as driver’s license, company ID, PRC, or passport.

Circulation Policy for DOH employees

1. Number of books, journals allowed for lending:

Library users who are granted the borrowing privilege can take a maximum of 4 books and 1 journal at a time.

If he/she desires to borrow another book/journal he/she may do so provided he/she has returned the previously borrowed materials.

2. Loan Period

Books and journals can be borrowed for a period of five (5) days and should be returned on or before the last office hour of their due date. However, they can be recalled any time when necessary.

3. Renewal

Borrowed materials must be renewed provided no other readers need them and no restraining incidents or circumstances would prompt the Librarian to do otherwise.  All borrowed materials should be brought to the library by the borrower for renewal.

4. Overdue

A recall shall be made verbally, personally or by phone after one day of   failure to return the borrowed materials. If there is no response after two (2) days, a written recall notice shall be issued to the borrower.  DOH employees can also check online the due dates of their borrowed item. To do this just go to  ,  click  My Library Account and log in using your library user name and password.

5. Lost borrowed materials

Any borrower who loses book/journal and other library materials shall replace it within thirty (30) days after its due date. This should be replaced with the same book or latest edition. If the lost material is no longer available or is out of print, it can be replaced with a different title but more or less of the same subject or content.

6. Neglect to settle library accountability

  • Any person who refuses to settle his outstanding library accountability shall:
  • Not be permitted to use the library
  • Not have his/her clearance signed by the Librarian until this is  settled accordingly.
  • Be fined to be paid through an issued order of payment by the librarian to the DOH Cashier.

Use of Library Computer and Internet

  • Library provides desktop computers for the library clients to search the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), other databases and access to internet to assist them in their studies and researches. Use of the computer is limited to thirty (30) minutes, however, user may extend the time limit provided there is no other user waiting.
  • The Library computers are DOH property, and are to be used only for legitimate business purposes. Users are not allowed to add, delete or modify any hardware or software in the library’s system. All users have the responsibility to use the library’s computer resources and the internet in a professional, lawful and ethical manner.
  • Computers should not be used to disseminate, view or store commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, destructive code or programs or any other unauthorized materials.
  • Users must not perform acts that could waste computer resources. These acts include, but not limited to, sending mass mailings or chain letters, playing games, engaging in online chat groups, uploading or downloading large files, accessing streaming audio and/or video files, or otherwise creating unnecessary loads on network traffic associated with non-legitimate business-related use of the internet.

Interlibrary Loan

The librarian can obtain additional information material from other DOH Libraries and MAHLAP (Medical and Health Librarians Association of the Philippines) member libraries should a DOH employee still need additional information after exhausting all available information materials in the DOH Library.

Document Delivery Service

A library user can request a full-text article/document through email. The library can then email information materials if soft copy is available otherwise it will be sent through fax for a maximum of 5 pages.

How to Access Library/Information Materials

Books, CD-ROMs, AV materials – To find these types of information materials, access the eLibrary ‘s OPAC ( This online catalog indicates if the library has a particular item and gives information in locating the item. It also provides links to full text in PDF format for most of the DOH and WHO publications.

Journal Articles – Access the following databases to search for journal articles:
Local Journal articles:
Home Index  – This database is integrated in our OPAC. It contains bibliographic citations and abstracts of local periodical articles that are available in our library.

HERDIN NEON – The Philippine national health research repository/database with over 40 thousand records of health research articles both published and unpublished. The database can be accessed at . When you find an article from this database that  you’re interested in, check our periodical holdings at  and click Serial Holdings (found under the main menu) to see if the journal is available in our library. Pay close attention to dates, volume and issue number since our library may not own all issues of a periodical title or may have had interruption in its subscription to a particular magazine or journal. If you cannot find the item in our list consult the National Union List of Medical and Health Periodicals: (click on the Unionlist Database button)  to know where or in what Library it is available.

Foreign/International Journal articles :

Oxford Journals – is the library’s online subscription of high impact journal titles in the field of medicine, public health and social sciences. Articles featured in this journals can be accessed in full-text in any computer stations inside the library including computers in other DoH Central Offices with internet access at

PubMed Centra– A free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the US National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine.


To know what journal titles, volumes and issues are available in the library, you can search the Library Serial Holdings at the library’s web site. If it is not available in the DOH Library go to the MAHLAP web site at and click on the Unionlist Database. This database contains all the periodical/journal holdings of all participating medical and health libraries in the Philippines.

Health News Clippings

To search for health related news articles you can go to the DOH website at  for the most recent health news clips or go to this link for the news archive where you can search the database by keyword and limit your search to date, newspaper source or to a particular writer/reporter.

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