Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Access to our different databases
Room use/reading of books/monographs, serials
Access to Internet
Document Delivery Service (Via Fax or email)
For the DOH Personnel:

Lending of books, journals, AV materials
Internet Access
Access to different databases
Printing of articles from the database and the web
Interlibrary loan
Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) / Document Delivery Service (DDS)

The DOH Library is primarily for DOH employees and other public health workers but it is also open for students, researchers, and other private individuals who may want to avail of our library services subject to the Library Rules and Regulation.

Only DOH central office employees are allowed to borrow library materials (see Library Circulation Policy). Non-DOH employees have “room-use privilege” only. However, they can photocopy parts of the materials.

The library does not have a photocopying machine but there is a machine available in the DOH canteen for a minimal fee.

Use the library’s web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), where you can search by author, keyword/subject, exact title and by location. For help please ask the librarian or see How to Use the OPAC.

To locate for journal or magazine articles you may search our web OPAC or the following databases: MEDLINE or PubMed (for international articles), HERDIN and PIMEDICUS (for local articles). You may also use our printed Philippine Index Medicus.

Once you find a journal or magazine article from PubMed, HERDIN, and PIMEDICUS databases, check the title of the journal/magazine in our periodical holdings (list of journal & magazines) to see if the item is available in our library. Pay close attention to dates and issues since our library may not own all issues of a journal title or magazine and may have had interruption in its subscription to a particular magazine or journal. If you cannot find the item in our list , consult the National Union List of Medical and Health Periodicals to know where or in what Library the journal is available.

Computer use is limited to 30 minutes when there are other patrons waiting for access.

Computers in the library are not provided with printers. If you need a copy of an article or information found in our databases we advice that you to save the articles/information on the desktop and e-mail it to your own email address. Please delete the saved article from our desktop right after you have emailed it.

Our library policy prohibits the use of cell phones, radios, beepers, and other electronic equipment that can be a nuisance to others. In order to provide a quiet study environment, we ask that you respect this policy.

The Library tries to safeguard its holdings by limiting damage to its materials. While eating or drinking (even bottled water), accidents may happen to materials of our circulating and reference collections. Also, crumbs and sugars from food and drinks attract pest infestations, which, in turn, cause irreparable damage to the collection.