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1977 DOH Annual Report
1989 DOH Annual Report
1990 DOH Annual Report
1992 DOH Annual Report
1993 DOH Annual Report
1994 DOH Annual Report
1995 DOH Annual Report
1996 Health and Productive Individuals and Families
1997 Future Impact of Modern Technology on the Health Status of the Filipino Family
1998 DOH Annual Report
1999 Setting the Agenda for Reform
2000 Building Foundations for Health Sector Reforms
2001 Setting the Momentum for Health Reforms
2002 Enlarging Horizons for Health
2003 Strengthening Partnerships for Health
2004 Building on Major Health Gains
2005 Shifting Gear Towards A More Efficient, Responsive and Sustainable Health Care System
2006 Managing Reform Investments Towards the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)
2007 Making F1 Work Through Better Health Governance
2008 Health Reforms for the New Millenium
2009 Formula One for Health
2010 Achieving Universal Health Care for All Filipinos
2011 Kalusugan Pangkalahatan
2012 DOH Annual Report
2013 DOH Annual Report
2014 DOH Annual Report

Field Health Service Information System (FHSIS)

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Health Beat

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Philippine Health Statistics (PHS)

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Policy Notes

Vol. 6 (1) Health sector performance on health financing : are we progressing towards equitable and efficient financing for health

Vol. 6 (2) Sustaining the gains of effective regulations for health

Vol. 6 (3) Health sector performance on service delivery : have we achieved availability and accessibility of essential health care for all?

Vol. 6 (4) Review of health governance status and achievement

Vol. 5 (1) Impact of global economic crisis in the Philippine health sector

Vol. 5 (2) The role of private and local government health insurance scheme in achieving universal coverage : opportunities and risk

Vol. 5 (3) NHIP membership and contribution : braving the challenges of universal coverage

Vol. 5 (4) Improving PhilHealth  benefits and provider relations: leaping forward in 2009 and beyond

Vol. 4 (1) Access to medicines at the point of service delivery

Vol. 4 (2) Essential drug price monitoring system

Vol. 4 (3) Ensuring the quality of medicines through post marketing surveillance

Vol. 4 (4) Framework for drug price control in the Philippines

Vol. 3 (1) Accelerating non-communicable disease prevention and control in the Philippines

Vol. 3 (2) Strengthening the enforcement of tobacco control initiatives under Republic Act 9211

Vol. 3 (3) Road safety as public health priority

Vol. 3 (4) Assuring food safety in the BFAD strengthening program : a collective will

Vol. 3 (5) Scaling up the mental health program

Vol. 2 (1) Foster behavior change through effective health promotion

Vol. 2 (2) Use the DOH budget to achieve health outcomes through leveraging LGU performance

Vol. 2 (3) Harmonize and strengthen health information system

Vol. 2 (4) Ensure adequacy, quality,  and equitable distribution of human resources for health in the country

Vol. 1 (1) Accelerate the reduction of malnutrition among pregnant and lactating women and children 0-2 years old

Vol. 1 (2) Accelerate a unified strategy to saver mothers, newborns and children

Vol. 1 (3) Combat the “big three” infectious diseases in the Philippines

Vol. 1 (4) Intensify efforts to eliminate filariasis, rabies, leprosy, and schistosomiasis

Vol. 1 (5) Mulit-sectoral action: key to improving access to water and sanitation services

Vol. 1 (6) Improve access of the poor to quality and affordable essential drugs

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 Environmental Health

Code on Sanitation of the Philippines

Family Health

Basic emergency obstetric care : a trainer's guide

Family health guide

Implementing health reforms towards rapid reduction in maternal and neonatal mortality : manual of operations

MNCHN strategy : manual of operations

Government Procurement

Guidelines on the establishment of procurement systems and organization

Manual of procedures for the procurement of goods

Manual of procedures for the procurement of infrastructure projects

Manual of procedures for the procurement of consulting services

Health Emergency

Key health messages for emergencies and disasters : Philippines


Health Financing

A Situational Analysis of Health Financing in the Mindanao and ARMM Regions

Costing of PhilHealth's Outpatient Benefit Package

Costing study for selected hospitals in the Philippines

Developing Capacity for Contracting of Providers by PhilHealth

Health Care Financing Strategy 2010-2020

Health Reforms

Manual for Health Reform Coordination

Hospital and Health Facilities

Manual on Technical Guidelines for Hospitals and Health Facilities Planning and Design: 100 Bed

Hospital Nursing Service Administrative Manual

Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Service Management Manual

Hospital Pharmacy Management Manual

Hospital Property and supply Management Manual

Manual for Medical Social Workers

Manual of Organization and Management of the Administrative and Finance Service for  Hospitals

Manual of Standards and Guidelines on the Management of Hospital Emergency Department

National Standards in Infection Control for Healthcare Facilities

Malaria Control Program

Manual of Operations : malaria program

Malaria Medium-term Development Plan 2011-2016

Tobacco Control Program

National Tobacco Control Strategy

211 Global youth Tobacco Survey : Philippines

Philippines 2011 (Ages 13-15) Global Youth Tobacco Survey



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